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History & Heritage

Since 1906, Rosnov Jewelers has been a Philadelphia landmark Jewelry Store.  Entering into our 5th generation, we are extremely proud of our history, heritage, and the valued customers we have serviced throughout the years. 
Mendele Rosnov, an immigrant from Russia, served as the timekeeper to the Czar of Moscow and was an expert watchmaker and jeweler. He opened Rosnov Jewelers in 1906 on Jewelers Row in downtown Philadelphia.  The store would thrive in Philadelphia with 2nd generation Saul, affectionately known as Babe,  until 1970.  

 Mitchell Rosnov, the 3rd generation,  moved the Store to Jenkintown, a suburb of Philadelphia.  In Jenkintown, Mitchell was one of the first jewelers ever to custom design and manufacture jewelry on the premises.  Also Mitchell was one of the first Gemologist certified by the G.I.A. in the area. 

David Rosnov, the 4th generation jeweler, expanded the operation with his expertise in jewelry design, manufacturing and his knowledge of diamonds and gemstones.  Davids philosopy has been to produce an environment that creates prestigous fine jewelry coupled with unmatched superb customer service.

Scott Rosnov, the 5th generation, has now entered the realm of Rosnov Jewelers.  Scott has already completed the required Gemological certification that all generations since Mitchell Rosnov have achieved.  His vision for the future is simple; provide great jewelry with quality materials and excellent customer service, as Rosnov has done for over 108 years.

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